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How to install DLL file

A program that you have installed on your computer is most likely going to require at least one DLL file to run.

First the program you have installed will check its own application folders for the shared libraries of code before checking within Windows system folders.

If the newly installed program struggles to find the DLL it will give you a “missing” error prompt and ask you to fix it.

In order to fix this you can download the correct DLL file version from this site for free and attempt to fix it yourself.

A second, easier option is to use an automatic DLL fixing tool like the Auslogics Driver Update tool for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Attempting to fix it yourself

To try and fix the problem yourself you will first need to find the target DLL file on this site and download the right version.

Start by heading to the homepage and searching for the file by name or using the letters system to track down the required library.

Once you have found the DLL’s page read the specific installation instructions that will guide you to fixing your problem.